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We Belong Together

We are blessed to have experienced saints in our midst. Over time, physical limitations make it difficult for all of our people to be at Church every week.


We have faithful servants who regularly reach out and minister to our homebound saints. This ministry is dedicated to keeping all our folks connected with one another.

or Call 864-646-9949

Ways to Serve

Reach One Person Each Week in One of the Following Ways


Our folks love a quick visit to give them an update about church and life.  Nothing is quite as powerful as receiving visits from people in the church. 


Our goal is that our homebound saints receive phone calls each week from church members and staff alike. 


Drop a note or card in the mail. Birthdays are a great time to send a card, but anytime is a great time!


The staff at B3 have an intentional process for making sure our homebound folks receive the love and care they need. If you participate by one of the methods above, please let us know. We want to keep track of who is being visited and contacted too make sure no one misses out on the ministry. This ministry certainly blesses our homebound folks, but it absolutely blesses those who participate.

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