What to expect...

Sundays 10:30 AM



You will discover a genuineness at B3. We are not here to put on a fashion show. We are here to draw near to God, to glorify God, and to build relationships. 

People come as they are, wearing a variety of clothing styles. Some wear jeans and some wear suits. We do not want concerns over fashion to keep people from experiencing the power and presence of God or experiencing an authentic Christian community. 



Music is a powerful way to express and experience worship. At B3, we have a "blended" worship style which utilizes various musical instruments and genres to glorify God. We sing old and modern hymns and weave contemporary songs into our praise and worship sets.

The standard we seek to maintain is that these songs are Biblically sound in their message and glorifying to God.



The Bible is God's Word, and through it, we can know what is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, and praiseworthy. His Word gives us wisdom to navigate both the blessings and burdens of life. Most importantly, God's Word proclaims the greatest news of all time, that is, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


You will experience a sound, Biblical sermon in every Worship Service, and the Gospel will be faithfully proclaimed.



Sunday Evenings involve various opportunities to Worship, Fellowship, Connect, and Grow. This schedule may adjust each month, so be sure to check our Events Page.

1st Sunday:  Worship & L.I.F.E. Event

2nd Sunday:  Connect IN - spend time with your family

3rd Sunday: Connect OUT - spend time with others in the church or community.

4th Sunday: Building Blocks - Special night focused on the fundamental doctrines of our faith

5th Sundays: Special events and outreach.