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I'm New

Visiting a new church can be overwhelming and we want to assist you in any way possible! Read over the information below and then send us a quick message to let us know you're coming. We have dedicated parking spots for first time guests and our greeters will meet you to show you the way to the sanctuary, Children's Hall, or any small groups​ you're interested in. 

What to Expect


God's Word

The Bible is God's Word, and through it, we can know what is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, and praiseworthy. His Word gives us wisdom to navigate both the blessings and burdens of life. Most importantly, God's Word proclaims the greatest news of all time, that is, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


You will experience a sound, Biblical sermon in every Worship Service, and the Gospel will be faithfully proclaimed.


Worship Style

Music is a powerful way to express and experience worship. At B3, we have a "blended" worship style which utilizes various musical instruments and genres to glorify God. We sing old and modern hymns and weave contemporary songs into our praise

and worship sets.

The standard we seek to maintain is that these songs are Biblically sound in their message and glorifying to God.


It's Not About Fashion

You will discover a genuineness at B3. We are not here to put on a fashion show. We are here to draw near to God, to glorify God, and to build relationships. 

People come as they are, wearing a variety of clothing styles. Some wear jeans and some wear suits. We do not want concerns over fashion to keep people from experiencing the power and presence of God or experiencing an authentic Christian community. 

  • What is Believe, Belong, and Bless?
    Everything we do as a church is rooted in Believing, Belonging, and Blessings. We are to believe what scripture says to be true, have a relationship with Christ, and serve Him as our boss and Lord. We are to belong to a group of believers in the local church, including small groups and ministries. Lastly, we are called to bless others as an outpouring of Christ's love.
  • How early should I get there?
    Plan on arriving to campus at least 15 minutes before the service starts. This will give you time to park, check your kids into B3 Kids, and meet a few new faces as you find your seat in the sanctuary.
  • What about my kids?
    B3 Kids welcomes children birth - 5 years old during worship. When you park, a greeter will escort you to our Children's Hall. There, you will check in with one of our volunteers. Children birth - 2 years old will be taken to their classroom. Children 3 years old - 5 years old will be checked in and given a nametag. You will then take these children with you to worship. Your children will get to experience the first part of our worship service with you and will have a time of dismissal before preaching. They will then head to the Children's Hall with our B3 Kids volunteers to experience age-appropriate teaching, music, and fun activities that will teach them about God's Word and how Jesus Christ impacts our lives.
  • I want to get more involved. What should I do next?
    That's great! You have a few different options. First, make sure you fill out a Connect Card. This lets us know you are interested in getting more involved with B3. You can find a Connect Card in the pews of our Sanctuary or you can fill one out online HERE. Second, join a Small Group. Small groups are the life of our church and is where we get to truly do life with other believers. You can find our list of small groups HERE. Third, find a place to serve. We have multiple ways you can put your faith into action. Check out our Bless page HERE and reach out to a member of our leadership team if you are interested.

What We Believe & Why We Believe It


Yes, there is a God.


We believe in
God's Word



Jesus is the only way
to be right with God.


We are made
in God's Image.


Salvation is
true change.


Jeff Smoak

Jeff Smoak

Senior Pastor

Jeff Whiten

Jeff Whiten

Associate Pastor & Music Minister

Suzanne Whiten

Suzanne Whiten

Children's Minister

Nathan Foxx

Nathan Foxx

Youth Pastor

Whitney Storz

Whitney Storz

Associate Youth Minister

Tom Stipe

Tom Stipe

Missions & Evangelism Pastor

Dianne Adams

Dianne Adams

Ministry Assistant

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