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Matza and Dill

Seder Plate Items

Salt Water



Lamb Shank Bone - Roasted

Hardboiled Eggs

Romaine lettuce or Parsley

Place settings

Plate and flatware


Regular cup for drinking (water/tea/etc.)

One cup of Salt Water

Four cups of Grape Juice

Passover Plate

Table Set-up

Two Candles and a Lighter

1 Seder Plate (Can pick up at B3 Office)

1 set (3 pieces) of Matzoh

White Tablecloths


The Menu is Normal

Chicken and/or Beef

Side Items - Vegetables, Starches, etc.

NO LEAVEN BREAD for the Meal

Desserts - Leaven is allowed since they are eaten after the service and for celebrating

Gourmet Meal


Dads to break bread, put piece in linen bag, and hide it for kids

Kids to hunt for broken bread (Afikomen)

Candy prizes for kids who find the Afikomen

Seder Guide Video

This video will guide you through a modified Seder.

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